Tab Saver

reduce memory, save for later

Stop wasting memory

Keeping tons of tabs open at the same time, steals a lot of memory. How to fix that?

Of course you can't simply close all the tabs you need without losing them or have to look for them in your browser history. What a waste of time!

What if I told you that you can temporarily close them?

That's exactly what TAB SAVER does!
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Save Tabs

Just one click to save all the tabs you currntly have open on your browser.

Restore your Tabs

Select the single tab you want to open again, or restore the entire group. In just one click, as usual.

No more mess

Keep everything organized, whitout missing a single website that you need.

Save Memory

All those tabs open at the same time, require a lot of memory. Stop wasting it.

Create Groups

You can easily create groups of tabs by topic or date. The best way to find what you need.

Stay focused

Organized tabs, let you focus on what really matters, one tab at the time.

Tab Saver

Official Chrome Extension

You won't need to change browser to start organizing your tabs, just keep be yourself.

Forever Free

Our goal is to make your job easier, your happiness is our reward! That't why we created Tab Saver.

Addiction Alert!

Probably you'll get addicted to tabs group and start creating more than you need. Don't worry, we do that too.

How to add the extension

  1. Click on
  2. Confirm by clicking on
  3. Enjoy your new extension!